Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why I chose Ealing Council for Fostering

My decision was finally made following considerable insight to fostering, witnessing at first hand the role of a foster carer and its responsibilities that my sister in law undertook.

At that time my brother and his wife were in the process of adopting a little girl through Ealing Council and informed me that an ‘open talk day’ was being held. They said it would be a great opportunity for me to find out more about what Ealing Council was offering.

They had recommended Ealing to me as they had a positive experience with their adoption process and found the staff very helpful and supportive during their assessment. 

I decided to take their offer and attended the talk. I found the discourse most inspiring and informative. I knew I could do this.  The staff explained at length the assessment period and procedure to become a carer.

Following the talk I signed up for an induction course. The induction team were friendly and helpful, explaining in detail what was expected of a foster carer. I really enjoyed the course and found it interesting listening to different people from various backgrounds sharing their thoughts and reasons to foster. The course took place over 4 days where we worked independently as well as engaging in role play group exercises.

Once I was accepted, a lengthy home assessment was undertaken over a period of several months. This was quite intensive and our past and present personal lives were examined and references were taken. I then met with a panel and was successfully accepted.

My experience with Ealing Council has been a positive one, as it has been for my brother and his wife during their adoption period.

Four years into fostering I can confidently say that I’ve had good relations with my support workers and found them most helpful and understanding when faced with any fostering concerns or in my personal matters.

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